Vermont Motorcycle Shipping

The first thing you think of when you think of the state of Vermont might not be motorcycle riding. You might be surprised to learn that Vermont has some of the best places to ride a motorcycle in the northeast.

We ship motorcycles to or from Vermont in case you plan a trip there and you cannot ride your bike there or back or both. We provide motorcycle transport services anywhere in the continental United States. Our motorcycle shipping companies are professionals and they handle thousands of motorcycle shipments each year.

Vermont was the first state admitted to the Union after the US constitution was ratified. Montpelier, VT is the capital city of the state of Vermont. Montpelier has the lowest population of any capitol city in the USA and they do not have any McDonald’s restaurants there. Vermont is a major producer of maple syrup so there are lots of restaurants in Vermont that serve breakfast.

Ice cream is popular in Vermont also, it’s the home of Ben and Jerry’s brand ice cream. President Calvin Coolidge was the only US president born in Vermont. He was born in 1872 in Plymouth, Vermont. Another interesting fact about Vermont is that you cannot buy liquor at a store with an out of state ID. You can buy liquor at bars and restaurants however with an out of state ID.

If you are planning a trip to Vermont and you want your motorcycle there also, our motorcycle shippers regularly ship bikes to or from the state of Vermont. There are many interesting landmarks to see in Vermont and many winding scenic roads that make Vermont ideal for touring on a motorcycle. In addition to street riding, there are numerous areas for off-road riding. Since Vermont is not a densely populated state, there are many open areas to enjoy riding an off-road motorcycle.