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Domestic and international motorcycle transport is available. Rates range from $280-$560 on most domestic motorcycle shipments. We provide a number of different shipping options/rates for you to consider in our email quotes. Rate quotes are sent via email so please enter a valid email address in your quote request.

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Terms of Use

Shippingmasters is a licensed and bonded motor carrier broker (MC# 461199). Shippingmasters does not provide the actual transportation of your vehicle, we refer you to shippers that we negotiate with that provide vehicle transportation.

Shippingmasters negotiates with numerous motorcycle shippers who have fairly dynamic schedules. After booking, please consult the actual shipper of your bike regarding pick up and delivery schedules. Shippingmasters does not track shipments after booking.

Shippingmasters collects a down payment on each shipment we book. The shippers we negotiate with know that once a customer places a down payment and has been referred to them by Shippingmasters, the customer has made a commitment to ship and has been informed of the shippers rate and terms.

A partial refund of the Shippingmasters down payment will be considered if a request for refund is made within 48 hours of booking a shipment with Shippingmasters. Whenever Shippingmasters issues a down payment refund, $40 per vehicle per shipment is withheld from ANY and ALL refunds to cover processing fees. If you are not satisfied with a shipper we have referred you to or have other reasons to switch shippers or cancel a shipment, upon your request directly to Shippingmasters, we will provide other quotes for you to consider. Your original Shippingmasters down payment will apply toward other shippers that we quote for for a period of one month. The rates, terms and down payment amount of other shippers will likely vary from those of the original shipper we referred you to. The shipper we refer you to might have a separate refund policy, please check with the shipper for their refund policy.

A refund of the Shippingmasters Payment and/or Title Transfer fee will be considered if a request for refund is made prior to the buyer and/or seller sending their respective documents to Shippingmasters. Anytime Shippingmasters mails or hand delivers a document there will be a minimum transfer fee of $40.

Shippingmasters does not provide any insurance coverage for your shipment, the shippers we refer you to carry various levels of insurance coverage and are responsible for your bike once you book your shipment with them. Shippingmasters lists basic insurance information in each quote we provide. The shipping companies that we work with provide the detailed information for their service and insurance that we list in our quote. This information is deemed accurate but should be verified by you directly with the shipper we refer you to at time of booking. The shippers insurance coverage begins when they pick up your vehicle and end when it is delivered. The shippers insurance coverage does not apply on previously damaged areas or on wrecked vehicles. You are responsible to inspect the vehicle for damage at time of delivery and submit any claims to the shipper at time of delivery. Claims submitted anytime after delivery will not be considered. Shippingmasters always recommends that you get your own insurance coverage on your vehicle prior to shipping it. Most insurance companies will cover your vehicle while it is in transit. If you need additional insurance coverage it may be available through the shipper you select, if so there will be an extra charge. Any vehicle key, battery, suspension seal, fuel/fluid or mechanical related issues are not covered by the shipper, their insurance nor Shippingmasters. Shippingmasters is a referral service only and we do not insure your vehicle, person or personal/spare items for damage, theft or injury claims in any way. Shippingmasters cannot be held responsible for vehicle, person or personal/spare item damage, theft or injury claims. If you decide to book your shipment through Shippingmasters you agree to these terms. Please verify the shippers insurance coverage with them prior to shipping your vehicle/items.

The shippers we negotiate with do not want to transport personal/spare items. If the shipper allows a reasonable amount (as determined by the shipper) of personal/spare items to be sent with the vehicle, those items are not covered by the shippers insurance and the shipper does not take responsibility for those items even if they are secured in saddlebags, trunks, etc. In some cases a fee may apply for transporting personal/spare items. Spare items must be properly packaged prior to pick up. The shippers driver has the final authority to determine if spare items will be transported or not at the time of pick up. It is your responsibility to discuss any personal/spare items with Shippingmasters at time of booking and with the shipper prior to pick up. The items must be properly packaged to avoid damage and have your name, address, phone number, year, make and model vehicle noted on the packaging. Shippingmasters negotiates the rate for shipping your vehicle with the shipper, we do not get involved with personal/spare items in any way. Anything to do with personal/spare items is between you and the shipper. In most cases the shippers will not transport the keys for the vehicle.

Most shipping companies we quote for transport thousands of vehicles each year. The vehicle needs to be in rolling maneuverable condition with the steering unlocked and air in the tires. Most shippers would prefer and may require the vehicle to have as little fuel as possible in the fuel tank prior to pick up. Place the vehicle in transport mode and disarm your security/alarm system. Check with your dealership if you are unsure of the proper procedure. We are not responsible for dead batteries nor any malfunctions or damage that might occur to your vehicle as a result of a dead battery. Remove accessories/items that are loosely attached such as GPS, communication systems, etc. In most cases the shippers do not want to transport the keys for the vehicle. Do not send any paperwork/documents with the vehicle. In some cases the vehicle may need to run and be ridden/driven onto the truck. Please discuss keys with the shipper that we refer you to when you schedule your shipment with them. In some cases there might be an extra handling fee if the vehicle does not operate under it's own power. If your vehicle does not operate under it's own power be sure to inform the shipper we refer you to at time of scheduling with them. Rates quoted are per vehicle one way unless otherwise noted. If you book multiple vehicle shipments and actually ship fewer vehicles than you initially booked, be advised that the shipper we refer you to will likely charge you for the total amount of vehicles we initially booked, not the actual amount of vehicles shipped.

Please be sure to be available for pick up and delivery and have the vehicle ready for pick up prior to scheduling the pick up. In most cases you will need someone available to meet the driver at each end of your shipment to sign the bill of lading. The shipper requires that your origin and destination points of contact have a working phone number so they can coordinate the pick up and drop off of your vehicle. If the origin and/or destination locations are a business or some other facility that is only open certain days/hours, you are required to provide this information to the shipper at time of booking. If storage, service or other fees are required to be paid prior to the bike being released from the origin location please be sure those fees are paid in full prior to the drivers arrival. If you or the vehicle aren't available/ready for pick up and/or delivery, your shipment might be rescheduled and pick up and delivery timeframes are likely to increase. If you or the vehicle aren't available for a previously scheduled pick up or delivery, an attempted pick up or delivery fee may be assessed. Additionally, if the shipper has to wait more than a reasonable amount of time, as determined by the shipper, at the pick up or delivery location an extra fee may also be assessed. Pick up and delivery locations for most shippers must be tractor/trailer accessible. If the location is not tractor/trailer accessible, the shipper might meet you at a nearby location for pick up or delivery and/or may charge an extra fee. The shippers trucks have liftgates or ramps, in most cases loading docks are not required. Some shippers require you to bring the vehicle to their truck because their drivers cannot leave their truck unattended. The driver might require assistance with loading and unloading also. Some shippers may not travel to certain restricted, remote or difficult to reach locations and/or may charge an additional fee to go to these locations (I.E. No ferry crossings, Washington DC Beltway area, CoPart and/or some other auction locations, gated communities, etc.) If pick up or delivery is at a military base or some other government facility, the shipper may require pick up or delivery to be at the base/facility gate or some other location off the base/facility. If vehicle is going from or to a US port please inform the shipper we refer you to at time of booking. The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and/or US Coast Guard may require the shipper to have met specific requirements to gain entry into the port and/or charge an escort fee. All port fees are in addition to the quoted rate. Not all shippers have met these requirements and it is your responsibility to determine if the shipper can access the US port.

Shippingmasters quotes one price and guarantees that the rate quoted includes all fees for shipping your vehicle based on the accuracy of the information you provide on your quote request, there are no hidden charges. The shipper we refer you to that provides the actual transport of your vehicle is responsible for determining the delivery schedule and providing you with the schedule information relative to your shipment. Shippers do their best to meet the timeframes listed in our quotes, and in the vast majority of shipments they do, but the delivery timeframes listed in our quotes are estimates and are not guaranteed. Traffic, road construction, mechanical failures, prior and en-route bookings, weather conditions, holidays, along with many other unforeseen factors can all have an affect on the amount of time it takes to deliver your vehicle. The schedule for your shipment begins when you provide the shipper with all of your shipment details and the shipper provides you with their preliminary schedule, not when Shippingmasters books your shipment. The shippers schedule estimates could vary from the estimates on our quote. Shippingmasters cannot be held responsible for any charges incurred due to delay of pick up or delivery. Shippingmasters does not have access to the shippers scheduling systems. The shipper we refer you to is responsible for all scheduling functions.

Shipping rates are determined by a number of factors. Some of these factors include distance traveled, size of the vehicle, weight of the vehicle, fuel surcharges, insurance surcharges, etc. You are responsible to determine if your vehicle fits within the size and weight limits noted on the various shipping options Shippingmasters provides. Vehicles that exceed size and/or weight limits listed in our quotes may be subject to additional fees and/or might not be able to be transported.

If you use the terminal to terminal container shipping option and do not drop off or pick up your vehicle at the shipping terminals per a predetermined schedule, you will be charged a $50 per day storage fee.

Any claim or controversy arising from or relating to a shipment or document transfer booked through Shippingmasters or the performance of breach thereof, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Scottsdale, Arizona. Customer specifically waives any right to jurisdiction of this matter at any location other than Scottsdale, Arizona.

Shippingmasters Disclaimer:

Shippingmasters quotes rates and terms for the shippers we negotiate with, and even though all information is deemed reliable and correct; it is your sole responsibility and discretion to research this information. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Shippingmasters will not be held liable for any damages, theft, loss, costs, or injury of any kind, resulting from or connected to use, or services obtained through Shippingmasters.

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