Testimonials About Shippingmasters

"I’ve used Shippingmasters 3 times over the last 8 years.Each time you gave me a selection of possible shippers and rates that even beat the advertised costs the shippers had individually quoted me. The connections and communications arranged were always excellent. The one time I had a small concern with the shipper that I wasn’t able to resolve directly with the shipper you resolved for me! Thanks again for the excellent service."
– Jim in Michigan

"Thanks for all your help with the shipment of our bike, and the payment and title transfer. The bike arrived as scheduled and in good shape. We were particularly happy with the payment and title transfer service Shippingmasters provided. We attempted to purchase a different bike over the internet last year and lost our money to a scam artist. The Shippingmasters transfer service ensured that both our interests and the interests of the seller were protected throughout our transaction. We felt that it would be smart to deal with Shippingmasters because you are a licensed and bonded shipping broker and we were right. Shippingmasters provided a valuable service at a reasonable cost. Thanks again!"
– Mike in St Louis

"I surprised my son this morning with the new bike and I wanted to thank you for your service and cooperation for purchasing this bike on-line. I appreciate the services of Shippingmasters that helps sellers and buyers to transact on-line business."
– Steven in Roseville

"I received the cashiers check Shippingmasters sent from the buyer for my K75 BMW. Thank you for all your help in making this transaction so smooth for myself and for the buyer. I hope other people understand how professional of an operation you run. Thanks again for a great job."
– Debbie in Sacramento

"I just wanted to say thanks for the help. The shipper you referred me to did a great job, and he kept in touch. They stayed flexible and agreed to pick up my bike from a warehouse instead of the original location I planned to have it picked up at. It’s refreshing to see somebody who cares about their customers and will go the extra mile to help out. I have been and will be recommending Shippingmasters to anyone who needs their bike shipped."
– Jeb in Florida

"Shippingmasters, I just received the ATVfrom the shipping company you referred me to. I want to thank you for making this process non-eventful. It is a great unknown when you’re talking about receiving something you’ve paid quite a bit for, and that item is "STATES" away. The process was smooth, and caused little anxiety. You responded promptly, and answered questions through E-mail without delay. Thanks again."
– John in Texas

"Thanks for everything you did with the shipping, the shipper was great. They were timely and delivered the bike as promised. I had very good service from the shipper, their motorcycle trailer was top notch. You guys were great!"
– Mynor in Florida

"I just want to thank you very much for getting my son’s bike to him in California, from Colorado. Please thank your staff for the professional job they did."
– Adam in Colorado

"I received the title to my bike today. Thanks for all of your help with my transaction via the Shippingmasters payment/title transfer service. I will recommend your services to all my friends and will contact you if I ever make another internet purchase."
– Seven in Washington

"I just wanted to let you know that the shipper you referred us to was phenomenal! They did an outstanding job coordinating pickup and delivery of my bike and communication was ON at ALL TIMES! Thanks for your help, I would recommend Shippingmasters to any and all friends looking to ship a bike in the future."
– Maria in Wisconsin

"Just wanted to contact you since I received my bike this past weekend. It was the first time I used your service, but it certainly won’t be the last time. You were very helpful, as were the people at the shipper you referred me to. Thanks for the good service, and the reasonable price."
– Steve in New Jersey

"My wife’s bike arrived last Saturday via the shipper you referred us to ( in the middle of a snowstorm ). These folks were great to do business with, the bike arrived safe and sound. Thanks for everything. I have already passed your name on to a couple others that need bikes moved."
– Andy in New Hampshire

"I was very satisfied with the shipping company you referred me to. The owner was super nice and the driver was a super nice guy also….and very courteous! Bike was shipped VERY FAST !!!! I plan to do business again with you guys, and recommend you to everyone…thanks."
– Kevin in St Louis

"I am the seller of a bike and I’m helping the buyer to locate a shipping company. I have spent the last two hours researching companies that will ship motorcycles at a reasonable cost. Not only are your rates A+, but your site is incredibly helpful to both buyers and sellers in all areas of the buying, selling and shipping process. FANTASTIC SITE, A+ Resource – I highly recommended our buyer to use your company and I just thought I’d express my thanks in making this an easier process than I thought it would be."
– Gillian in Virginia

"Just dropping you a note to advise you that the shipper you referred us to did a very outstanding job of delivery on our motorcycles. The shipper is very good at what they do and I believe their services are well worth the money! Prompt, efficient, and very courteous. Thanks for a great recommendation!"
– Mark in Memphis

"Just wanted to let you know that the shipper you referred me todropped my bike off yesterday and I wanted to thank you for making this all happen (within my budget). I’ll definitely recommend Shippingmasters anytime someone is looking for a cheap and reliable way to ship a bike."
– Cyndy in Louisiana

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the shipping company you referred me to for my motorcycle shipment. Not only did they call ahead of time to let me know when they would arrive, they were very accommodating and careful in the pick-up and delivery. I shipped my bike to my brother in MD. He was out of town when they arrived so they were most considerate in placing the bike where it would be safe until his return to secure it. They went out of their way to provide excellent customer service. Thank you again for everything and I’ll be certain to call you for my next shipping needs." – Gary in Austin

"I wanted to let you know the shipper you referred me to delivered our motorcycle about 2 weeks ago. They did a great job, I would recommend them and Shippingmasters to anyone who needs a bike shipped. The driver noticed one of our fairing brackets was broken when he picked up the bike. Instead of just leaving it that way, he took the fairing off so the other bracket would not also break – I thought that was very nice of him. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the service."
– Charlene in Washington, DC

"I found Shippingmasters on the Internet and contacted them to help ship my Honda Magna V65 from New Hampshire to Nebraska. They were extremely helpful and the bike arrived on time and with absolutely no problems. They went above and beyond the call of duty! I did my homework and called every crated shipper in the industry I could think of and Shippingmasters beat their prices by hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars!!! I would DEFINITELY suggest using Shippingmasters if you need your bike shipped. I was impressed and know you will be too!"
– Scott in South Dakota

"Got the bike last week – about a week and a half earlier than promised! Thanks very much for an affordable and quick solution to my motorcycle shipping needs. Let me know if you ever need a personal reference regarding your services."
– Brian in Illinois

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. Our trip from Detroit to Glamis Dunes in California was great. The shipping of our ATV’s couldn’t have been any easier. They were there on the dock waiting for us when we arrived in California. I would recommend you to anybody, I have told several people about your service already. Just wanted to say thank you, and that everything was perfect!"
– Chris in Michigan

"Thanks again, I never would have gotten the bike if it hadn’t been for all your help!!! Everything is falling into place nicely. When I first started checking this bike out my buddies told me there would be no way to get it shipped for a reasonable price. Well I decided it was to good of a deal to give up on so I dug a little deeper and came up with the SHIPPINGMASTERS website. This is so cool, I still can’t believe the bike will be here in a few days."
– Roger in Columbus

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my motorcycle from Cleveland, OH about 2 weeks ago and picked it up in Houston, TX. I was the guy that called you and was skeptical about your service and dealing over the internet. Well I must say I am very satisfied and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND your service to anyone. THANKS AGAIN! (and I will call if I am ever in the Phoenix area for cool riding spots)."
– Steve in Houston

"Thank you for your assistance in getting my bike shipped. It only took 5 days for the shipper to deliver my bike. They also delivered it right to my house, which was a bonus. I was a little leery doing business over the internet and phone, but you made it a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend your service to anyone in need of shipping a motorcycle."
– Dennis in Pensacola

"I want to thank you for helping me with the bike shipment. The service was top notch!"
– Robert in Los Angeles

"Thanks for your fine shipping arrangement of the BMW to Massachusetts! I am now thinking about another shipment from California to Massachusetts."
– Eric in Massachusetts

"Thanks Shippingmasters, you are a good company and I will refer anyone to you."
– Emilio in San Diego

"Hi Shippingmasters. Everything went fine. Delivery was as promised."
– Bryan in California

"The service was most satisfactory, thank you… All the best."
– Jon in Phoenix

"Thanks for going above and beyond, I’ll pass your name along as chance allows."
– David in Oregon

"Thanks for finding a great rate and time frame."
– Steve in Dallas

"I just wanted to say I received my Honda from Phoenix to Richmond, Va. in perfect as shipped order, and will / can recommend you to anyone that asks. Now I need a quote on another bike shipment."
– John in Richmond, VA

"Hi Shippingmasters. The shipper you referred me to is "awesome". They are helping me get the bike asap. They think they can pick up the bike late next week. Thanks again for the smooth service."
– Randy in California

"I need another shipping quote on a bike from Portland, ME to Boise, ID or Salt Lake City, UT. I have used Shippingmasters before and have been very happy with the service."
– Bob in Boise, ID