Motorcycle Buying and Selling Tips

If you are thinking about buying or selling a motorcycle out of state there are many things you should consider before doing so. Through our years of providing motorcycle shipping services we have determined a number of precautions to look into prior to buying or selling a motorcycle out of town and having it shipped by a motorcycle transport company.

Buyers and sellers should check into our payment and title transfer service to ensure a safe transfer of both the payment for the motorcycle as well as the transfer of the title. Whenever possible buyers should review detailed pictures of the motorcycle to get a feel for the overall condition of the motorcycle. It is a good idea for the buyer to prepare a list of questions to ask the seller about the condition and maintenance history of the motorcycle. Be sure to document the sellers answers about the condition of the motorcycle.

If possible, try to have the seller bring the motorcycle to a motorcycle shop nearby. Give the service manager a call to discuss the condition of the motorcycle and provide an independent assessment of the vehicle. If the condition is not what you expected, contact the seller to discuss a price adjustment. Remember to only buy a motorcycle out of town that comes with a title and a notarized bill of sale. Also, be sure to ask the seller to take pictures of the motorcycle prior to loading it on the motorcycle shippers truck. The pictures will be a visual record of the condition of the motorcycle prior to shipping.

If you cannot reach the seller by phone do not send money to the seller and never wire money to a seller. Scammers usually will not give you their phone number. Additionally, do not let the seller set up your motorcycle shipment. It is always a better idea for the buyer to contact a reputable bike shipping company like ours to ensure the motorcycle will get shipped properly.

Lastly, use extreme caution if you are considering buying or selling a bike internationally. Scams involving international buyers or sellers are the most common scams in recent years.