How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Shipping

There are many reasons to consider using a motorcycle shipping company to transport your motorcycle to your chosen destination. If you are thinking about contracting with a motorcycle shipper to transport your motorcycle you should take some steps to prepare your motorcycle for shipping.

The first thing to do is to check with the bike shipping company you are working with to determine the motorcycle preparations they require prior to pick up. Many bike shippers require the gas to be drained from the tank. Other motorcycle transport companies require all the fluids to be drained prior to shipping. bike transporters want the motorcycle to be clean and fee of any leaking fluids. Be sure to wash your motorcycle thoroughly and check it for leaks prior to loading the motorcycle on the truck.

It is always a good idea to remove any valuables from storage compartments, saddlebags or trunks. The motorcycle moving company’s insurance only covers the motorcycle for theft or damage, not any valuables left on the motorcycle. It is also a good idea to check all the fasteners that are easily accessible to make sure there are no loose parts. The bike transporters will likely have your motorcycle on their truck for a number or days or weeks. There is a significant amount of vibration on the truck as it goes down the road and loose fasteners can come undone and parts can fall off the motorcycle if the fasteners are not properly tightened.

Some bike movers do not want the keys to be shipped with the motorcycle and other motorcycle transit companies do not want to have the keys with the motorcycle. On large motorcycles the shippers may want the keys available because they may need to start the motorcycle to help get the motorcycle up the loading ramp. Many transport companies do not want to be responsible for the keys however. Be sure to ask the bike transit company you select if they want the keys with the motorcycle or not.

The last thing to check is to make sure the tires on your motorcycle are properly inflated. The tires are part of the suspension on the motorcycle and they help cushion the motorcycle while it is in transit.