Motorcycle Shipping Insurance

If you plan to ship a motorcycle across state lines, you need to understand the insurance coverage the motorcycle transport company offers. There are many transporters in the motorcycle shipping industry and each one has different insurance coverage.

Today there are more and more unlicensed and uninsured illegal shippers bidding on motorcycle shipments. These illegal transporters will often state that they have insurance coverage. What they will not tell you is that their insurance only covers their truck and trailer, not the motorcycles they are transporting. The only type of insurance that will cover your motorcycle during transport for damage or theft is known as commercial cargo insurance.

The only way a company can get commercial cargo insurance is to be fully Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant. There are a number of requirements a shipping company has to meet before they can get cargo insurance. A bike transport company must apply for and secure a DOT license and a Motor Carrier (MC) license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We always recommend that you verify a motorcycle moving company’s insurance directly with their cargo insurance company. Ask their insurer what the cargo coverage amount is along with their insurance deductible amount.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to contact your motorcycle insurance company and get an insurance policy set up on your motorcycle prior to shipping a motorcycle. It never hurts to have this added insurance coverage just in case the motorcycle shippers insurance rejects your claim.