How To Book Your Shipment with Us

So you have decided to ship your motorcycle. You have done your research and now you are ready to book your shipment. You have determined which motorcycle shipping option you want to use and now it’s time to contact us to book your motorcycle shipment.

The first step in booking your motorcycle shipment with us is to give us a call and tell us which motorcycle transport option you have selected. We will discuss that option with you and inform you of the advantages that option offers over other available motorcycle moving options.

The next step is for us to collect a small down payment on your motorcycle shipment via a credit or debit card over the phone. After taking the down payment we will refer you directly to the motorcycle shipper that you selected and send that motorcycle shipper a booking confirmation email. We will copy you on the booking confirmation email for your reference.

The final step is for you to contact the transport company we referred you to so they can take your shipment details and set up your preliminary schedule. The motorcycle shipper we refer you to will either collect the balance of the shipping fee at scheduling or delivery depending on which shipping option you select.

The motorcycle shipper you selected will provide you with a range of days when pick up and delivery will likely occur and they will call you within 24 hours of their actual arrival.