Women and Motorcycling

Shippingmasters has noticed that we are assisting more and more women riders with their motorcycle transport needs. We also notice that women riders are requesting motorcycle shipping services for a variety of different types of motorcycles. There is obviously a growing trend among women who want to enjoy the feeling of riding their own motorcycle.

Women who are considering getting into motorcycle riding have many factors to consider when selecting a motorcycle. Women should “try on” a number of different types of motorcycles or scooters. You want to make sure you can reach the ground. You also want to make sure you can reach the controls and feel comfortable with the fit. Additionally, you want to get a feel for the bike as far the length, width, height and weight goes. If you can’t find the right bike locally you can consider a motorcycle out of town. Shippingmasters can help with all of your bike transport and moving services needs.

Once you find a good fit in a static position then it’s time to try out the motorcycle in a dynamic mode – by actually riding it. Start off slowly, preferably in a private lot to get used to the bike. When you feel confident try the bike out on local streets and work up to a highway ride.

In addition to picking the right motorcycle, you want to make sure you select the correct riding gear. We always suggest that you following manufacturers recommendations for the type of riding gear required for the type of riding you plan to do. A quality helmet is a must and boots, gloves, eye protection and other safety gear is also important. In general, the more quality riding gear you use the better protected you will be.