What Else Can I Ship Along With My Motorcycle

Many customers ship motorcycles through the motorcycle transporters we work with. Sometimes customers want to ship parts and/or other items when they ship a motorcycle.

The best plan is to try to install extra parts on the motorcycle prior to shipping a motorcycle if at all possible. In some cases that is not possible and customers request that motorcycle movers transport motorcycle parts along with their motorcycle. Depending on the transport options available for your shipment, some bike transporters will agree to ship bike parts along with the motorcycle and some motorcycle shipping companies will not extra parts.

Sometimes customers also request to transport riding gear when shipping a motorcycle. Customers often have a helmet or two to ship with their motorcycle. Customer also request shipping for other riding gear such as jackets, protective gear, boots, gloves, communication devices, etc. Again, depending on the shipping options available some motorcycle delivery companies will transport riding gear along with the motorcycle.

Customers sometimes have personal items they want to ship along with their motorcycle. Personal items often include clothing, books, computer equipment, bedding, towels, even food. Most movers are not licensed to transport these types of personal items and can be fined by the United States Department of Transportation if they transport these items. Some specialty transport companies are licensed to handle these types of personal however. There is usually an additional charge for transporting personal items and depending on the amount of personal items being shipping, the extra charge can be significant.

Whenever you transport spare parts, riding gear or personal items make sure that these items are packaged properly prior to shipping. Shippers usually require that these items be loaded into a sturdy cardboard box and have packing material around the items so that they do not move around inside the box. Additionally, the transit companies require that you note your name, address, phone number and the year make and model of the motorcycle the extra items are being transported with on the outside of the box. The motorcycle shippers usually store extra items in a certain part of their trailer away from where your bike is secured and they do not want to have to open each box at delivery to find out which box of extra items is yours. The shippers drivers concentrate the majority of their efforts on shipping motorcycles, not on extra items so don’t forget to ask for your extra items at delivery.

Finally, the movers cargo insurance does not cover spare parts, riding gear or personal items for damage or theft. You ship extra items at your own risk.