What Makes Us Different from Other Motorcycle Transport Companies?

When you are ready to ship a motorcycle there are a number of things to consider. We are the only motorcycle transport shipping broker in the industry. There are lots of shipping companies that ship motorcycles but there is only one motorcycle specific shipping broker, us.

We has specialized in bike transport since 1999. We don’t ship cars, we don’t ship household goods and we don’t ship general freight – we ship bikes. The majority of shipping brokers quoting on motorcycle shipments are primarily car shipping brokers that do not have the same level of expertise that we have. You wouldn’t take your motorcycle to be repaired by a car mechanic so don’t ship your motorcycle with a car shipping broker.

Car shipping brokers usually quote a low rate and then place your shipment on an online transport call board to try to find a transporter to handle your shipment for their quoted rate. In most cases they won’t find a transporter to ship your motorcycle for the quoted rate in a timely manner. Car shipping brokers then increase your shipping rate and hope to find a transporter at the higher rate. The car shipping broker may or may not find a transporter at the higher rate. Finding a transporter adds more time to your delivery schedule and often you will pay more than the original quoted rate. Additionally, if the car shipping broker finds a transporter to handle your shipment that transporter may not have ever shipped a motorcycle before and the car shipping broker may not have ever worked with that transporter before. Car transporters usually transport motorcycles on open trailers which adds additional risk to your motorcycle shipment.

We have worked with the same motorcycle specific transport companies for many years. We usually quote a number of different shipping options for each shipment and have specific transporters in mind for each shipping option we quote. The rate we quote is the contracted negotiated rate you will pay and the rate includes all fees. We do not use online transport call boards and all the companies we work with specialize in motorcycle shipping and use enclosed trailers. We preform regularly scheduled DOT compliance checks on each transporter we work with which includes cargo insurance verification.