Ship Motorcycles With Us

When you have made the decision to transport motorcycles with Shippingmasters motorcycle shipping services company all it takes is a phone call. We can help you ship a motorcycle or ATV with professional, licensed and insured bike transporters.

Just give us a call and we will assist you with booking your motorcycle transport. We will discuss the various transportation options with you in detail and help you select the option that is right for your move. We will explain the differences of all the shipping companies and the advantages of each option. We will provide details on each motorcycle shippers method of transport, time frames for pick up and for delivery, when the transit fees are due, insurance coverage limits and deductibles, maximum vehicle dimensions and extra charge for oversize vehicles, if spare parts or extra items can be transported with your vehicle and the preparation required to be done to your vehicle prior to pick up.

After explaining the details of each option it is up to you to decide which transport option is best for your particular situation. Some customers are strictly looking for the lowest price and are not concerned about time frames, insurance, method of shipment, etc. Other customers are mainly concerned with the time frame and are willing to pay higher transport fees to receive faster service. Additionally, other customers are primarily concerned with the method of transport the motorcycle moving companies use.

When you make your decision on the motorcycle transit company you want to use we collect a small down payment via a credit or debit card over the phone. We send that bike shipper a booking confirmation email and copy you on that note. We let the transportation company know that you booked your shipment through Shippingmasters and what the remaining balance of the shipping fees will be. You then call the transporter and they will collect your shipment details and set up your preliminary schedule. They will usually give you an estimated range of days for pick up and for delivery. They generally call within 24 hours of arrival on each end to arrange a time to meet with you or your contacts. You will need to be somewhat flexible to meet the driver when he actually arrives on each end.