Round Trip Motorcycle Transport

If you are planning round trip motorcycle transport there are a number of important things to consider before you ship motorcycles. You might be going to an event. You could ship a motorcycle to an out of state motorcycle shop for some customizing. You might be shipping a motorcycle to a motorcycle rally, a motorcycle show or a motorcycle race.

The first thing to remember is to prepare the motorcycle for shipping. It is a good idea to take the time to prepare your motorcycle prior to shipping. It is always recommended to drain the gas, make sure the tires have adequate air pressure, remove the keys and make sure the forks are not locked. It is best to not ship extra items in saddle bags or in the trunk.

The second thing to do is research round trip motorcycle shipping companies. This is a very important step in your trip planning. Make sure you only deal with a Department of Transportation compliant transport company. Do your research and make sure the bike shipping company you select has adequate cargo insurance to cover the value of your motorcycle during transport.

The third thing is to establish your schedule. Motorcycle moving scheduling is not an exact science. Make sure you plan ahead and leave enough lead time in your schedule for pick up and delivery to occur within a reasonable time frame.

The fourth thing is to plan your accommodation while you are at an event. If you are going to a rally, a race or a motorcycle show be sure to research your accommodations well in advance of your trip and book those reservation early.

The last thing to do is make sure you have points of contact available at both the origin and destination locations who can meet the driver for pick up and delivery. Once again, motorcycle shippers scheduling is not an exact science so you need to be flexible to meet the bike transport driver on each end of your shipments.