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Our goal is to build a lasting positive relationship with our customers. We want you to feel confident enough in us to allow us to handle all your powersports/vehicle shipping needs and to refer our services to other potential customers. If you found our motorcycle transport services useful, please share a link to our website on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Ebay auctions, Craigslist and Cycletrader ads.

Please use caution when considering what appear to be low bids from reverse auction bid websites. Unlike Shippingmasters, most Transportation Service Providers (TSP) on these websites are not motorcycle/powersports specific shipping companies. These websites are not DOT licensed and not bonded and have a habit of not verifying the required DOT licenses and cargo insurance coverages are in place for the TSP’s that are bidding on your shipment. Always ask for a DOT license number and MC (motor carrier) license number from any company you consider shipping with. Your vehicle could be at risk of impoundment if an unlicensed TSP handles your shipment. There is also the risk of damage or theft occurring with an uninsured shipper. Many of these TSP’s are freight or car transport companies that do not have the proper licensing, insurance, equipment or training for handling motorcycle/powersports shipments. These websites usually will not assist you if you have challenges with your shipment, which is not the case with Shippingmasters. See more details on unlicensed and uninsured illegal shipping companies at:

Shippingmasters works with licensed and insured motorcycle/powersport specific transporters, most of which transport thousands of motorcycles/powersports vehicles each year. We know the transporters we work with on a first name basis and have worked with the majority of them for many years. The transporters we work with have a great deal of experience handling motorcycle/powersports shipments and they have excellent safety records to date.

Shippingmasters is a Licensed/Bonded motor carrier shipping broker US DOT#2230931 MC#461199. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ BBB rating and a member of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).

Contact us at 866-383-1307 or 602-214-6967 or email us at 7 days a week.

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