Remote Location Motorcycle Transportion

Many customers ship a motorcycle from or to remote locations throughout the continental United States. Remote locations can be a challenge for bike transporters to ship a motorcycle from or to. The majority of motorcycle shippers transport motorcycles using full size tractor trailer trucks. Many times roadways leading to remote locations are not accessible to these large trucks.

Some transportation companies have terminals throughout the country. In some cases, customers drop off or pick up their motorcycles at the shippers terminals rather than have the motorcycle moving company pick up or deliver the motorcycle from/to a remote location.

Additionally, some customers drop off or pick up their motorcycle at a more accessible location such as a friend, relative or co-workers location. Many customers also utilize a business such as a motorcycle shop where the motorcycle shipping company can pick the motorcycle up from or deliver it to. The bike shippers are always going to give you a range of days when the motorcycle will likely get picked up or delivered and then call your point of contact “within 24 hours” of arrival. That means they usually call the day prior to arrival but they could call the same day or an hour prior to arrival if they happen to have an unanticipated route or schedule change.

Using a motorcycle shop for the pick up or delivery location is usually a good plan. Try talking to the service manager at the shop and tell him or her what you are trying to do relative to shipping a motorcycle. The shop might charge you a fee to store the motorcycle and meet the driver. A good work around might be to have the shop do some minor maintenance on the motorcycle such as change the oil, adjust the clutch, etc. and they probably won’t charge you a fee to store the motorcycle or meet the shippers driver.

You will need to be flexible with the pick up and delivery time frames. Motorcycle movers schedules are not an exact science. There are many factors that can have an impact on bike movers pick up and delivery schedules.