Pallet Motorcycle Shipping Service Explanation

When considering motorcycle shipping services there are a number of different methods that motorcycle transport companies can use to ship motorcycles.

Motorcycle shippers can provide unpalleted roll on roll off service as one option to ship a motorcycle. The shipper can provide pallet service where they mount the motorcycle to a wooden pallet. Another pallet shipping option that some transporters use is a metal pallet with casters on it. Some companies transport motorcycles in wooden crates. Finally, moves can take place inside a metal container.

The types of trailers these motorcycle movers use can vary also. Some companies use open trailers to ship a motorcycle while others use enclosed trailers to transport bikes. The majority of professional shipping companies use enclosed trailers to move bikes.

Loading methods used by these transport companies also vary from one company to another. Most companies use ramp gates to load or unload motorcycles they are shipping. Some bike shippers use lift gates to load and unload motorcycles they are transporting. Other movers require a dock or fork lift to load and unload the motorcycles they are shipping.

One of the most popular methods of transport is the pallet option. When using this method, the company provides either a wooden or metal pallet to mount the motorcycle on while in transit. Most transporters that use wooden pallets have a lift gate on their truck for loading and unloading. They usually have a pallet jack on their truck also. A pallet jack allows their driver to maneuver the palleted motorcycle into the proper location in their trailer.

Motorcycle transit companies that use metal pallets usually have lift gates also but generally do not need a pallet jack because most metal pallets have casters on them so they can roll the palleted motorcycles into position while the motorcycle is secured to the pallet. The shippers that use pallets also provide tie down straps and secure the motorcycles to the pallet using soft tie down straps on all four corners of the motorcycle. The pallet method has proven to be one of the safest methods in the industry. The pallet transport companies take the pallets with them at delivery to use on future shipments.

Most pallet shippers do not allow you to use your own pallet or crate. Their pallets are specifically designed to be used for motorcycle shipping. Their pallets are set up to handle a variety of motorcycle sizes and shapes. Their pallets are made of robust materials so they will be a sturdy platform for your motorcycle to be secured to. Their pallets usually last many years and in most cases your bike will be loaded and secured on their pallet at pick up and will remain on the same pallet throughout the entire shipping process, unless there happens to be a problem with their pallet. If there is a problem with the original pallet the shipper will remove your bike from the original pallet and secure it to another pallet. The shipper perform regular maintenance to their pallets to ensure the safe transport of your motorcycle from the origin location to the destination location and rarely requires switching pallets.