Motorcycle Trip Preparation

Shippingmasters assists motorcyclists with motorcycle transport. In addition to motorcycle shipping services we also consult with customers on a regular basis regarding motorcycle trip preparation. Many customers contact Shippingmasters to ship their motorcycles to a distant location so they can have an adventure riding their bikes back to their home location.

When planning an adventure ride the first thing to consider is should you use a bike transport company to ship the bike to the distant location and ride it back. The other option is to ride the bike to the distant location and use a motorcycle moving company to transport the bike back to your home location. We always advise adventure ride customers to ride the bike to the distant location and ship it back to the home location. The logic in this plan is the fact that the rider will have the bike when they need it.

There is always a possibly of a delay when shipping a motorcycle and you do not want to be ready to ride and not have the bike available. If you ride the bike to the distant location you can consider leaving it with someone you know or possibly at a motorcycle shop in the area when you finish your ride. You can have the motorcycle shipper pick it up from one of these locations for the return trip to your home location.

Some items we recommend to carry with you on an adventure ride is layered clothing, rain gear, eye protection, a GPS, a cell phone and extra battery, multi-tool, a lighter, cash, drinking water, non-perishable food, camera, tire gauge, Fix-A-Flat, first aid kit, duct tape and a flashlight.