Motorcycle Transport Rate Explanation

We work with many motorcycle transport companies. Each motorcycle shipping company has their own rate structures. There are many factors that can go into developing motorcycle shipper rates. Some of the factors involved in determining transport rates are variables such as the distance of the shipment, the origin and destination locations, the type of vehicle being shipped, the time frame requirements of the shipment, the insurance coverage, the shipping method used to transport the motorcycle along with many other related factors.

The rate structures of bike shipping companies can be vary from very simple to very complex. Some motorcycle transit companies use a single or double rate structure. A single rate means the company will ship a motorcycle for a set amount anywhere within a specified service area regardless of the distance or locations. A double rate structure usually has two rates where a shipment within a specified area is one rate and if the shipment goes outside of the specified area the transport company charges a higher rate.

Another rate structure is based on the distance of the shipment. These motorcycle moving companies have graduated rates based on how far their truck has to travel. A zone rates structure is utilized by some shippers. They divide the country into a number of zones and their rates increase incrementally the more zones the shipment crosses over.

Larger motorcycles generally cost more to ship than standard or small size motorcycles. Most transportation companies offer some level of insurance coverage. If you want more insurance than the standard amount it’s usually available for an additional fee. If you need expedited shipping there can be significant extra fees for quicker service if it’s available. Enclosed trailer motorcycle transit will cost more than open trailer service.