Motorcycle Transport for Racing

There are many forms of motorcycle racing and in most cases motorcycle transport is required to get the motorcycle to the racing venue. Many sponsored race teams ship motorcycles in their own specialized trailers. Privateer race teams provide their own motorcycle shipping or hire motorcycle shippers to ship a motorcycle.

One of the most popular form of motorcycle racing is closed course sport bike style racing. Sport bikes are light weight high performance motorcycles tuned specifically for road courses and high speeds. Race teams go to great lengths to keep weight down while still providing high strength to meet the demands of high speed road racing.

Another popular form of motorcycle racing is motocross. Motocross racers use light weight high performance off road motorcycles. These dirt bikes have quick throttle response and long travel suspension. Tire selection is very important when racing on the dirt. Race teams usually have a large selection of tire designs, compounds and tread patterns to use for various track layouts and dirt consistencies.

Enduro racing has been around for many decades and continues to grow in popularity. Enduro race teams use bikes similar to motorcross teams but have some subtle but important differences. Enduro races take place over a much larger area and can cover varied terrain such as hills, sand, water crossings, forests, etc. Bike setup for enduro racing is very important and often times enduro racers need to have scheduled pit stops for fuel in order to complete the race.

Another motorcycle event growing in popularity is trails riding. Trails events are not so much a race as a test of rider skills. Trails events take place at off road venues where the trails riders negotiate obstacles and are judged on a point system. Trails bikes are extremely light weight with special tires to help negotiate large rocks, fallen trees, etc.