Motorcycle Shipping Scheduling

We have been helping arrange motorcycle shipping services for thousands of customers since 1999.  We try very hard to educate our customers about the process involved in scheduling a motorcycle shipment prior to a customer making a commitment to ship their bike.

The way scheduling happens varies from one motorcycle shipper to another.  In general, most motorcycle moving companies have customers fill out a booking form.  This form will contain the origin and destination locations, it will also note the origin and destination points of contact along with the phone numbers for those points of contact.  Additionally, the form will have information noted about the bike such as the year, make, model and VIN number. When the motorcycle transit company has all the shipment details they will set up a preliminary schedule and provide an estimated range of days for pick up and for delivery after pick up.

Motorcycle transporters generally meet their schedule estimates but they don’t guaranty their time frame estimates because there are many factors that can affect pick up and delivery schedules. Some of the factors that can affect the schedule include the actual pick up and delivery location, weather, road conditions, traffic conditions, DOT driving limits, mechanical failures, prior and en-route bookings, point of contact availability, etc. Bike shippers need to combine as many motorcycle shipments together as possible on each run in order to optimize the available space on their truck and to be able to keep shipping rates as low as possible.  The more bikes on a given truck the longer it will usually take for pick up and for delivery after pick up.  It’s best to be as patient as possible when shipping a motorcycle, scheduling is not an exact science.