The Advantages of Shipping Through a Broker

There are many advantages with booking your motorcycle shipment through a motorcycle shipping broker like us that specializes in powersports vehicle shipping. There are many shipping companies in the market bidding for your shipment and the quality of these motorcycle shippers can vary widely.

One of the big advantages of booking your motorcycle shipment through a broker like us is the knowledge the broker has of the motorcycle transport market. The options available for shipping are diverse. A broker like us works with a number of different bike shippers who use various methods to ship motorcycles. Brokers are required by the US Department of Transportation to verify the motorcycle moving company they refer their customers to are licensed and insured to transport motorcycles across state lines.

The most common method of motorcycle moving is uncrated roll on / roll off door to door service. This option is the easiest because no preparation to the motorcycle is required and the shipper doesn’t need special handling equipment to load your motorcycle. Brokers book more motorcycle shipments with uncrated door to door shippers than any other type of shipping service.

The second most common method shipping brokers use is door to door pallet service. These bike movers utilize a metal or wooden pallet to ship bikes. They usually have a pallet jack and a liftgate on their truck. They mount and secure the motorcycle on their pallet and load the pallet with their liftgate.

The least popular options that brokers use are crated transport and container shipping. These options usually require more work on the part of the customer. The crated option requires the customer to provide the crate, crate the motorcycle and drop off and pick up the crated motorcycle at the shippers terminals. The container option requires the customer to bring the motorcycle to the shippers dock and load and secure the motorcycle in the shippers container. These options are usually the fastest shipping options but require much more customer involvement in the transportation process.