Laconia Bike Week Motorcycle Transport Information

One of the oldest motorcycle rallies in the United State occurs each year in June at Laconia, New Hampshire. If you are thinking about attending this popular spring-time motorcycle rally we provide many different motorcycle transport options for you to consider for your trip to the rally, from the rally or round trip to and from the rally.

The Laconia Bike Week rally has been taking place for over many decades in the beautiful city or Laconia, New Hampshire. The main hotel in the Laconia is the Naswa Resort which is located in Weirs Beach. There are many other lodging accommodations in the area such as condos, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, etc. The majority of the rally activities take place in the Weirs Beach vicinity such as food and merchandise vendor booths, concerts and entertainment. Additionally, you can attend the vintage motorcycle races and Super Bike races at the nearby New Hampshire Motor Speedway. There is even an American Motorcyclist Association sponsored professional hill climb event near the rally. Don’t forget the motorcycle skills contests, motorcycle shows, biker build-offs and charity rides held throughout the rally. The best way to enjoy the rally is to allow us to provide motorcycle shipping services to and from the rally so you can spend more time taking in the events at the rally.

The second largest industry in New Hampshire is tourism. New Hampshire attracts many people to the wide variety of outdoor activities including scenic motorcycle rides throughout the state. Each day during the rally there are scenic guided motorcycle rides called Gypsy Tours that you can participate in. The busy times of the rally are on the weekends, you can avoid the crowds by attending the rally on weekdays and find lodging accommodations easier to secure on weekdays.

Motorcycle rallies are fun for many reasons. Most riders ride their bikes to and from the rallies but if you need to ship a bike we can help. Riders often plan day trip rides with fellow riders during the rally. Riders usually find nearby scenic routes to ride with interesting places to visit along the way. There are usually good restaurants to try out while on rides throughout the local areas. It is always a good idea to bring snacks and water bottles with you on a ride.

Being prepared is a must when you are out on a ride especially in remote areas. You should keep a tool kit on your bike and have a cell phone with you also in case of an emergency. Wearing bright clothing and having a flashlight or some other light source are good ideas also. Some riders keep a container of flat fix on their bike. Flat fix can be a life saver if you happen to have a flat tire out on the open road. A Leatherman multi tool is a handy item to take along with you on a ride. This type of tool has many components that can be used for a variety of repairs on your motorcycle.

Having the right riding gear is also very important. A good helmet, sturdy riding boots, along with back, elbow and knee protection devices are always a good idea when riding on the street. You want to be seen and heard out on the roadways, so make every effort for other riders and drivers to notice you and you will be safe and have fun on your ride.