Equipment Used for Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle shipping companies use a variety of equipment to handle motorcycle transport. The more you know about the various shipping options that are available the better decision you will make regarding your motorcycle move. Shippingmasters Motorcycle Services works with motorcycle shippers that use a variety of equipment.

The most common method shippers use is known as roll on roll off service. Transport companies that use this method do not ship a motorcycle on a pallet or in a crate. They usually have a ramp or lift gate to load the motorcycle onto their truck. They roll the motorcycle onto their truck and secure the motorcycle in their truck with soft tie down straps. Most trucks have a system called E-Track in the floors and walls of their trailer where the tie down hooks secure to.

The next most common method of shipping is pallet shipping. The motorcycle moving company provides a wooden or metal pallet to mount the motorcycle on. They lower the pallet to ground level and mount the motorcycle on the pallet. They secure the motorcycle to the pallet with soft tie down straps on all four corners. They will have a lift gate and possibly a pallet jack to load the palletized motorcycle onto the truck. They reverse the process at delivery.

Another method of transport is crated shipping. Motorcycle movers that use this method require the motorcycle to be in a wooden crate for transport. Most crated bike shipping companies require the motorcycle to be crated prior to pick up. They will possibly require the crated motorcycle to be shipped from one of their terminals to another one of their terminals. They usually require the gas tank to be drained and the battery to be disconnected.

Container motorcycle transit is another method used to ship a motorcycle. Containers are usually large metal boxes with integrated tie down loops and grooves in the center for the tires to reside in. Transporters that are involved in shipping a motorcycle usually transport motorcycles in a container dock to dock as opposed to door to door shipping. Container shipping usually require the gas tank to be drained and the battery to be disconnected also.