Container Motorcycle Transport Option

A somewhat frequently used method for transport is the container motorcycle shipping option. This option uses various sized containers for bike moving. The rate for the container option is based on the container size you select for your motorcycle shipment. The larger the container, the higher the shipping rate.

Shippingmasters assisted with the design of the containers used to ship bikes. There are three different size containers available. There is a small container made of heavy duty plastic material. This container is used for mini bikes and scooters. The medium size metal container is used primarily for standard size motorcycles such as dirt bikes, sport bikes and light cruiser style bikes. The large metal container is designed to handle large motorcycles such as full dress cruisers, large touring bikes and extended length choppers. Container shipping has historically been a very safe method of bike transport.

The medium and large metal containers are designed specifically for moving motorcycles. They have grooves at each end of the base section where the motorcycle tires reside. They have a series of eye loops along each side of the base section of the container. The motorcycle is positioned in the container with the tires in the specially designed grooves and the motorcycle is secured within the container using tie down straps secured into the eye loops on all four corners of the motorcycle.

The container transporter requires that you secure the motorcycle in the container using your own tie down straps. They also require you to drain the gas out of the gas tank prior to securing the motorcycle in the container. They also require the battery to be disconnected. Additionally, they require you to provide a lock for the door on each end of the container. The container tranport company only ships motorcycles in their containers and only ships motorcycles from one of their terminals to another one of their terminals. They have approximately 75 terminal locations throughout the continental United States.